Oct 28, 2011

Costume Dilemma

I have never been a fan of Halloween. I stopped trick or treating and dressing up in 3rd grade just because it was never my thing. I hate to be scared. You absolutely positively will never catch me watching a scary movie or going to a haunted house. Ever. If you see me at one you may want to inform any and all authorities because i am there totally against my will. If i could just skip over all of the skulls and cross bones, the ghosts and goblins, you would never hear me complain. This year though, I have a whole new reason to try and embrace the holiday... This little guy :0)
This year, I get to dress this little cutie pie up in whatever costume I want :0)
I dread the day he grows up and wants to be something icky. 
That's the year I let Jay take over the task of taking him trick-or-treating.. 

Anyway, I found a costume at a local kids clothing store and I had to have it. It was so dang cute, and on sale, I just couldn't resist. Even though it was only August I picked it up and have had it sitting in Vincent's closet this whole time, just waiting for the day when I could stuff him in it and show him off. 
But then on Monday, I took a trip to Target with a friend and I found ANOTHER costume I couldn't live without. It too was on sale and I just couldn't resist picking it up. At least to try it on him and see which one was cuter. I totally would take back the one I decided I could live without... riiiiiiight.....?
So here's my dilemma. 
I put him in both costumes tonight and I totally can not decide which one he should wear! 
They're both so stinkin' cute that I want him to wear both. Is that too much to ask? 
I SO wanted his costume to be a surprise. For him to come out Halloween night all dressed up for everyone to see for the first time, but instead I need your help. 
So i'm leaving it up to you and giving up the whole surprise thing.
Should he be.. 

             A Lion...?                    Or a Dino????

A Dino..?

or a Lion..??

I love both. He may just have to be both. But i'd like to hear what you all think too. 
Can't wait for Monday! - I think I may be coming around.. sort of. 
Happy Hallweenieeee!

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