Sep 19, 2011

This is love...

Martha Stewart Living - October issue.

Yes that's right.. I love Martha, and all of the fabulously creatively crafty things she makes me want to do. But most of all I love the Fall. So when I got my October issue of Martha Stewart Living in the mail, I was excited! This is what that means for me: it is finally time for warmer clothes. The trees will soon be changing colors. The Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival is just around the corner, and the Balloon Fiesta too! Vincent gets to celebrate his very first Halloween and dress up in THE CUTEST costume I got him at half off the other day. I get to make my homemade green chile stew again. I don't have to use my air conditioner 24/7. And, there will be lots and lots of warm snuggles along with tons of family time as we head into the holidays! ... I think that is plenty to be excited about...

Thanks Martha, for prepping me for my favorite time of year!

P.S. Another reason to be excited.. Jay & I are going to be an aunt & uncle!

It seems fitting to end this by saying.. "it's a good thing" :0)

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